Yucca Filamentosa

Yucca Filamentosa is a medicinal plant which i snative to eastern North America. This plant is commonly known as Adam’s needle. Yucca Filamentosa is a hardy perennial plant and is an evergreen. It’s a multisuckering plant with heads of 30 inches long, green strappy leaves. Yucca plants are easily identified by their long, sword like leaves and soap fraganant white flowers. Flowers are produced in early summer. In the wild, this type of Yucca plant is found in the southeastern United States as fat west as Louisiana and as far north as Virginia.

Yucca filamentosa is widely cultivated and can be found in different parts of the United States. This type of Yucca is closely related to Yucca flaccida and is sometimes classified as a single species. Yucca plants are great garden perennials. They are unique because they bloom at night. yuccaTheir creamy white flowers fill with sap and lift petals to the dark sky then release sweet soap odor which attracts the Yucca moths. Yucca moths pollinate Yucca plants. Some of the well known cultivars of Yucca filamentosa include Bright Edge, Golden Sword, Ivory Tower and Color Guard.

Bright Edge is a dwarf cultivar which has yellowish foliage and creamy flowers tinged with green color. Golden Sword is very similar to Bright Edge but much larger. Ivory Tower also has creamy flowers which are tinged with green color. Color Guard has yellow stripes on it’s leaves all year, and yellow and red stripes in the winter. Some parts of Yucca plants are used in medicine benefits. Yucca plant is used as a shampoo by Native Americans. Dry leaves of Yucca plants are used to start fire and the leaves, stems and roots of Yuccas can be used to stun fish. Yucca filamentosa is from the family Asparagacea and subfamily Agavoideae.

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