Yucca Elephantipes

The Yucca elephantipes is a succulent plant. It’s also an evergreen plant that keeps greenwhite foliage in the winter. The Yucca elephantipes is medium in size and reaches about 5 metres high. This plant grows high with a scarce lateral development. As a young plant, yuccas are stemless rosette of long, sword like leaves with pointed tips. When they mature, yucca plants develop thick and woody trunks with several arching leaf rosettes at the top. The leaves are spineless. Yucca elephantipes is easy to grow because it is tolerant of chaning conditions including humidity and temeprature.

Yuccas also adapt quickly to different enviroments. They tend not to tolerate soggy soil. These plants can be easily overwatered. Pot containers must have drainage holes to prevent soggy soil which can cause root rot. Yucca plants can also be planted outside. They usually produce flowers outside. Flowers are soap fragnant and creamy or white color. Yuccas are repotted in spring. Replacing the top 3 inches of soil with fresh soil will cause your plant to grow more and produce more flowers. Yucca elephantipes is native to North America, Central America, South America and the Carribbean.

These Yucca plants perfer bright light to full sun. The soil must be moist in spring to fall and during winter it should only get enough water to keep spol from drying out. Yuccas perfer average to dry room humidity and temepratures about 50 to 75 degrees F. Fertilizer should be used every two weeks during the growing season in spring and summer. Propagation is done by cane cuttings and offsets root easily. Cuttings are planted in potting mix and kept moist. Yucca plants can be easily overwater. Stem and leaf rot is often caused by overwatering or cool and damp air. These plant should be kept in dry space with hot air because they are desert native plants. Variegata and Silver Star are a couple of Yucca cultivars well known which are easy to grow and to take care of.

Photo By: Tony Rodd
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